Shear Reinforcement

Shear Reinforcement

Bar-us double headed studs with ribbed shafts are made of weldable ribbed reinforcement bars with a nominal characteristic yield strength of 500 MPa.The mechanical properties of the steel for fill the requirement according to EN 1992-1 -1, Annex C.

They have a head at both ends with a diameter of three times the shaft diameter. The diameters of the shafts are 10,12,14,16,20 and 25 mm for studs with ribbed bars.

The studs are assembled to form reinforcement elements comprising at least two studs. The studs are tack welded or clamped at one end to a non-structural steel rail or reinforcing bars for securing the position of the double headed studs when pouring the concrete. All studs of one of those reinforcement element shall have the same diameter.

To secure the position of the stud’s during casting, bars of weldable reinforcing steel ds = 6 mm to ds = 10 mm or rails made of structural steel with a nominal characteristic yield strength of 235 MPa (S235JR acc. to EN 10025-2) or non-corrosive steel (No. 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4571 acc. to EN 10088-5) are used.

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