Barus Quality Policy

Barus Quality policy

BARUS objective is to maintain a consistently high level of customer satisfaction by providing an excellent quality of product and service, through focus and participation of all employees to satisfy customer needs and expectations.

Through consistent application and review of the Quality Management System processes, according to International standard ISO9001:2015, BARUS manages the realization of a high level of product quality and service to domestic and international markets, taking account of economic, technical and legal requirements, including stakeholder needs.

The Quality Policy and Quality Objectives focus activities on meeting customer expectations and provide a strong platform for continual improvement of product quality and service. 

The Policy and Objectives are reviewed annually, and communicated to all employees by BARUS top management, to provide a common focus on the consistent application of the Quality Management System, through the informed application of the associated procedures and work instructions at each stage of the process.

Mahmut Dogan
Managing Director

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