SimGrip System​

BARUS SimGrip System is a mechanical rebar coupler comprised of a steel sleeve which is internally threaded with a single right hand thread. Each end of the bar to be joined is cut square, enlarged using a cold forging process and a standard metric threaded onto the enlarged bar end. The thread form is such that the cross sectional area of the bar ends is not reduced, thus ensuring the strength of the connection matches or exceeds that of the parent bars. The SimGrip family of upset parallel thread mechanical couplers requires a BARUS cold upset press and a tangential rebar threading machine. A regular pipe or chain wrench can be used to overcome installation difficulties with long and heavy bars, when needed. Unlike taper thread couplers, parallel thread couplers does not need any torque wrench. Therefore, Quality Control is 100% visual.


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The SimGrip System is used in applications where the continuation bar can be rotated freely and is comprised of an internally threaded coupler with a single right hand thread. The ends of the bars are upset and threaded for half the length of the coupler.


SimGrip Ps

The SimGrip-PS is used in applications where it is more difficult to rotate the continuation bar. It is comprised of the same coupler as the SimGrip-ST, however, one bar is threaded for a full coupler length.

SimGrip Anchor-Nut

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SimGrip Anchor-Nut provides an alternative method of creating a simpler and more effective rebar end anchorage than the traditional hooked rebar within the concrete. It consists of an Anchor Nut installed onto SimGrip Parallel Threaded rebar.

SimGrip Weldable

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SimGrip Weldable is similar to the SimGrip standard coupler, however only half of one end is internally threaded and the other end is prepared for welding. These couplers are machined from weldable grades of material depending on rebar size conform to A.S.M.E. Section III, Division 2.

SimGrip Stainless Epoxy Coated

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SimGrip Stainless and Epoxy coated products upon request.

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